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A complete range of fine-grain cast iron and vitroceramic panini grills especially suited for creative food the easy way. Plus compact griddles built with a variety of different cooking surfaces for your every need!

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One of the most popular applications is the grilling of sandwiches - 'panini' from Italian, meaning 'sandwiches'. Hot sandwiches in their many manifestations: hot subs, wraps, various pita 'melts', have become a staple in many kitchens. One of the most successful markets for this application has become the contract feeders. By taking an often pre-made cold sandwich and grilling it, the operator is able to turn it into a 'hot lunch' menu item with minimal time expenditure, thus adding value and profits. All models are available with optional timer, allowing for precise grilling every time.

The same idea has been utilized in Home Meal Replacement side of the Supermarket business, where a sandwich has now become a hot meal: fast, easy and relatively inexpensive. The Deli section does not need to add extra ingredients to create full meals at extra cost by grilling the same sandwiches they would be selling anyway.

Some café chains have introduced hot sandwich programs with the SODIR grills to provide their customers with the convenience of buying coffee and food at the same location. Many restaurants, hotels and small cafés that serve sandwiches, are also a growing market for these grills. The more heavily populated areas of the country also have the highest concentration of existing and potential customers for the grill concept around which a varied menu can be built.

The more traditional, and yet, often overlooked application is the grilling of hamburgers, steaks, chicken breasts and fish steaks.

Grilled vegetables, as a side dish or on top of salads, are also becoming popular. The vegetables should be fresh and seasoned or lightly marinated before they are grilled. This is a very quick, inexpensive and aesthetically pleasing way to enhance any meal.

Eggs and pancakes can also be cooked on the models with flat bottom surface, adding breakfast menu items to the grill application.

All models are available with optional timers, allowing for precise grilling every time. All of our panini grills provide even distribution of heat throughout the plate surfaces, and the temperature can reach 570ºF.