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A line of quality crepe machines designed by people who invented crepes.

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Our crepe machines were designed by the people who invented crepes. They are easy to operate, featuring a baked-on enamel coating over a heavy duty cast iron plate, thus maintaining even heat distribution provided by cast iron and the ease of operating and cleaning provided by the enamel. A special wooden batter spreader is supplied with every unit.

The popularity of crepe making is on the rise. Crepes can be cooked in restaurants, cafes, kiosks, hotels, and even by caterers on location or banquets using the popular 120V model.

Crepes are not the only products that can be prepared on these machines. They easily handle the preparation of tortillas as well, another popular application with growing ethnic markets. Pancakes, wrap sandwich breads and even quesadillas can be warmed or baked utilizing these crepe machines.