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Finish or broil, with precision and control

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The most common application in the marketplace is in fine-dining restaurants, hotels and country clubs. These units are used to finish meals immediately before they are taken out to the customers. The intensity of the heat can be controlled by switching all or half of the elements on and by adjusting the top of the unit to the food. The #SEM-60 is unique in the marketplace, since it is the only approved unit with a moveable top. The top is infinitely adjustable up or down. An adjustment can be made literally with the pressure of one finger. A wall-mounting kit is available for the #SEM-60. Often through the assistance of consultants, these units are specified in some of the best-known restaurants throughout the country. The most common placement for these units is on the chef's line, utilizing one unit for each preparation station.

The chef is not restricted in how the plated food is placed in the unit because there are no side walls to block access. The bottom shelf on both units slides out, allowing easier food placement and cleaning at the end of the day.