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European-style machines for gourmet hot dog sandwiches where all the ingredients matter

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This is a European style hot dog machine with Pyrex glass steamer, which holds up to 20-40 hot dogs. The container has a wire basket to conveniently lower and raise the hot dogs in and out of the steamer. The spikes get hot and are intended to toast baguette or torpedo style hot dog rolls.

After placing the bun on the toasting spike for approximately 20 seconds, the bread is warm and toasted. After removing the bun from the spike, the condiments can be inserted into the pocket created in the bun. And then the hot dog is placed in the bun, as the condiments are distributed around the hot dog. The bread serves as a natural and neat pocket for all ingredients of this novel sandwich made with popular ingredients.

These hot dog steamers and spike toasters are functional, while providing visual entertainment during the sandwich preparation – in sports bars, restaurants, kiosks, hotels and other venues.