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Let your customers see the process and enjoy the results!

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All models are designed to be virtually smokeless and odorless due to the water pan in the bottom of all models. This feature allows for much easier cleaning of the walls, since moisture on the interior walls prevents cooking residue from hardening. The chicken comes out crispy on the outside and juicy and moist on the inside due to the slow-cooking process in the rotisserie. The water pan and the spit can be easily removed, saving time in cleaning.

The combination of product presentation with delicious aromas creates a unique shopping experience for the front of the house, even if the bulk of the food is being prepared in the back. The customer's interest is enhanced by the aromas of the fresh roasting chicken and by the attractive appearance of the rotisserie with bright quartz elements.

Great success of these units is not only in the traditional restaurant markets, but in convenience stores, because of their small foot print, easy operation and merchandising features.

It takes generally 45 min. to 75 min. to roast chickens, depending on the size of the birds and the temperature (the number of elements which are on). The high temperature quartz elements allow for thorough cooking, while creating an appetizing looking and great-tasting product.

A spit basket is available as an accessory for a variety of applications: ribs, fish, chicken parts, vegetables, steaks (customers even use the rotisserie for London broil).